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TWS produces fresh content in Arabic, English and many other languages. Importantly, all writers work in their Mother tongue, which provides our clients with authenticity, quality and colloquial integrity.  


We are able to handle all manner of translation challenges, including complete rewriting of poorly translated or Google translated content, all of which is cross-referenced and triple-checked by our native speakers. 


We also understand the important nuances and - in some cases - wild disagreements about what constitutes the 'real' Arabic. Our Arabic writers and translators come from across the GCC, the Levant and North Africa, enabling us to deliver precisely the right kind of Arabic writing required. 



Said Maroun

Managing Partner

With a Masters in Economics and Human Resources Management, Said Maroun has worked within financial and corporate companies throughout his career, including serving for six years as the Head of Human Resources and Administration for Chidiac Group SAL.


He joined TWS in early 2016 and has since created a successful Arabic division in the company. He is solely responsible for the direction and management of all TWS Arabic content, working with a talented team of writers from across the Arab world. As a Managing Partner, one of Said's key objectives has been to build lasting, value-driven client relationships, which he has achieved by developing bespoke solutions for individual customers that are competitively priced and underpinned with a non-negotiable commitment to quality. 

George Stothard

Founder and Chief Copywriter

With two decades experience in and around the communications and communications services sectors, George has worked within financial and corporate PR, as a talk show radio host, a political candidate, executive-level search within the PR industry and is the Founder of TWS.


TWS provides SME's, mid-sized businesses, government bodies, major blue chips and high profile individuals with the full gamut of business content and communications materials. These include website copy, speeches, annual reports, white papers, bids, Q&A's, internal communications and creative campaign copy that ranges from adverts to video narration, taglines and brand names. George is a news addict with specific interests in global politics, the developing world, innovation, technology and healthcare.

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